Rene Dupree writes from Tokyo, “So Shane McMahon has future endeavoured himself and has no immediate plans going forward.

I remember Shane’s feud with Steve Austin- also the time he won the European Championship from X-Pac, and more recently his feud with Shawn Michaels and later Legacy.

Long story short, I’m looking for a Tag team partner here in Japan. With my looks and his ring and mike skills we could easily be the greatest gajin tag team in Japanese history.  

I’m not sure who’s booking Shane but if anyone knows his agent please ask them to give me a call.”

Beauty and the Beast

It’s being reported that Sunny and Lacey von Erich are booked to appear on a wrestling-themed cruise next summer. So, maybe Sunny’s attack on Lacey is just some pre show work?  If so, great job Sunny. If not, then I want and need to say something.  I`m f*cking pissed!!!!

I’m not here to cause heat for Tammy Sytch. Sure, she’s got a right to complain about LVE’s comments on Angelina Love. However, everyone makes mistakes and Lacey was wrong and admitted it. You can respect that.

But Sunny’s comments on Lacey’s father are plain and simple disrespect.
My father worked for Lacey’s grandfather Fritz.  We’re both connected through our father’s work. What about Sunny?
Was her grandfather a worker?
Was her father one of the biggest draws in the Texas Territories?
Did she grow up in the business, never seeing her father; never knowing when he`d be home; watching him getting beat up in the ring and, as a child, not knowing it’s was all a work; crying, cause her dad was old school and had to kfab?

Yes, KVE had a drug problem. Well, I was a huge mark for KVE and I`ve made similar mistakes. Everyone f*ucks up sometime. So what? But “she’ll overdose or shoot herself before you know it” Well, I just punched a hole through the wall at that.

According to Sunny,  “Lacey is a disrepectful ignorant b…itch.”  Tammy look at yourself and think before you talk!

PS Don’t think this is an attempt to gain brownie points w/ LVE (although she IS beautiful!!!)

Rene Dupree